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Tom’s Of Maine Sued Over ‘Natural’ Toothpaste Labeling

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Tom’s Of Maine Sued Over ‘Natural’ Toothpaste Labeling

Law360 (June 9, 2020, 4:51 PM EDT) — A proposed class of toothpaste buyers is suing Tom’s of Maine, alleging that the company deceives consumers into thinking its toothpaste is made from “natural” ingredients when it in reality includes synthetic chemicals.

In a complaint filed Monday in the Central District of California, Susan Coburn alleges that Tom’s toothpaste products are made with xylitol and sodium lauryl sulfate, or SLS — both chemically processed ingredients — which defies the company’s statement that it uses “all natural” ingredients.

According to the complaint, Tom’s of Maine uses the “natural” labeling to charge above-average prices for its products, allowing it to deceitfully bring in millions in…

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