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Female Prosecutors Sue Calif. DA Alleging ‘Systemic’ Bias

Tiomkin Law Offices of Elliott Tiomkin > Legal News  > Female Prosecutors Sue Calif. DA Alleging ‘Systemic’ Bias

Female Prosecutors Sue Calif. DA Alleging ‘Systemic’ Bias

Law360 (February 28, 2020, 10:46 PM EST) — Contra Costa County District Attorney Diana Becton has illegally discriminated against four veteran female prosecutors based on their age and gender, and her office pushes male lawyers up the ladder far faster than their female colleagues, according to a suit filed in California federal court.

The plaintiffs are deputy district attorneys Mary Elizabeth Knox, Rachel Piersig, Alison Chandler and Mary Blumberg, who are have a combined 85 years of prosecutorial experience with the Contra Costa County district attorney’s office. They accuse Becton, her office and the county in their Wednesday suit of flouting Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the…

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